ECU Remapping & DPF Removal

ECU Remapping from £199

Call us today for the most efficient, cost effective, quality custom remapping service you will find. All our custom tuning comes with lifetime software warranty and we are fully insured for peace of mind.

If we cannot tune it no one can, we can tune nearly all vehicles on the roads from 1996-Present.

Get your vehicle remapped today from only £199 for up to 30% increase in BHP / Torque and save fuel in turbo diesels.

ECU Tuning & DPF removal package from £349

Based on dyno tests at on our own rolling road we have found removing a DPF from a vehicle even before it has got blocked can increase performance by up to 5% , before even being tuned. To get the best potential out of your diesel car we recommend removing your DPF before some of the problems below may happen.

Complete DPF Removal & Software Delete Service from £295

Is your vehicle in limp mode?DPF dash final

Is your engine management light, DPF and coil light or a combination of all three on your instrument panel?

Is your DPF always regenerating and exhaust is smoking or car using lots more fuel than before?

Then it sounds like your DPF is getting blocked!!!

You could visit the dealership and pay again and again for the DPF to be force regenerated or pay over £1,000 for a new DPF to be fitted!

Or we can arrange for your DPF to be removed and permanently solve your DPF issues!!!!

Benefits of our DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) removal:

•Improved overall performance as exhaust gases will be less restricted

•Better fuel economy due to reduced exhaust gas restriction.

•Your vehicle will still pass all MOT emissions tests

•Put an end to your DPF problems for good!!


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